Privacy Policy

The premise of Splain is to keep most of the User Experience within the collaboration platform (Zoom, Workplace, Teams, Spark) you are using. Splain makes an effort to store the minimum amount of data for the best possible User Experience as well as analytics to improve the Splain experience.

Stored Data

None of your data is stored in Splain unless you provide authorization by installing Splain app in your collaboration platform. The data that is passed to Splain by the collaboration platform is stored, so that interaction with the collaboration platform API is possible. The data that is stored in Splain include the access token, recording and transcript metadata, account id and the end user Email. Note that Splain do not store actual media content other than passing it to the drives for upload or CMS.

Explicitly NOT stored data

Splain do not store any of your media content in its plaform.


Splain uses analytics tools such as Google Analytics, New Relic, Opbeat, Mixpanel and Keen to monitor performance and to improve the user experience.

Third Party Services

Some parts of Splain run on Amazon Web Services. Please refer to the AWS Privacy Policy here

Splain uploads Zoom meetings to Google. Please refer the Google privacy policy here . Zoom privacy policy here .


Splain does not display any advertisements, and does not share any data with advertisers.


This privacy policy will change over time.